Monday, 16 March 2015

Understanding the Fashion Concept of a Swing Dress

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Dancing has always been a popular hobby for people of all ages, throughout the years. Many different types of dancing have evolved over the decades, and a similar way the fashion connected with dancing has also evolved. In the 1940s and 50s when jazz music was popular, girls had specific dresses that they word to the "dance". However, in most cases, those dresses were the same as they would choose to wear on an evening out. 

The Typical Dress:
The typical dress worn for dancing in the 1940s and 1950s was a knee-length skirt with pleats or extra layers for movement. With the progression of time, skirts lost their pleats or the extra layers of fabric that made them typically swing with the dancer's movement. In the 1960s longer skirts with several layers emerged, and these were felt to be more modest! It was because the skirts were narrow and the length longer so women had lesser risks of their skirts twirling up during the course of vigorous dancing.

Creating an Appealing Look:
The wearers of the swing dress used to create an amazing impression amongst onlookers. Swing Dresses and Skirts were often worn with a basic blouse or top with a short puffy sleeve. Some teenagers also loved wearing sweaters in a cardigan style over the blouses. Dresses tended to be simple in style and were usually available in attractive and appealing colours. They were very attractive and easy to wear, and they were even comfortable to dance in. In later years, they were often worn during the day too. 

Emerging Fashion:
The swing dress that was popular in the 40s and 50s is now gaining in popularity again. The swing style is one of the most popular vintage style prom dresses  sought out, as ladies of all ages are crazy about them. Swing Dresses are, therefore, available in a wide variety of online stores and usually in different unique designs, styles and colours. The skirt of these dresses is made to swing with each movement that creates all the more appeal. They are a great feminine dress for anyone, as they tend to suit most shapes.

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