Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wear a Petticoat to Jazz up your Vintage Style Dress

The article talks about Little Wings Factory, one of the best companies selling vintage style clothing online. They also focus on selling the best Petticoats to be worn with absolute comfort and style.
The way you dress reflects your individuality and elegance. It is imperative to choose the most appropriate and trendy dress that suits you for any special occasion you might have. If you are planning on wearing a vintage style dress, then you should definitely consider putting a petticoat underneath it for added feminine flair. It essentially gives you two dresses in one, as you can wear the dress without and then add the petticoat to create a different look.
Wartime Style:
Many vintage style dresses UK are made with full skirts, as it was a reaction to the effects of rationing during the Second World War. Rationing meant that the fabric was in short supply, so dresses were made using as little material as possible. Once the war ended, designers began to make dresses using the most fabric possible, with Christian Dior being the first to be credited with the "new look" which included the full skirt. Women loved wearing them as they were so feminine and flirty, and the addition of a petticoat made them perfect for dancing! They moved and flowed with the dancer wearing them.
Great option for changing your look                                 
You should remember your comfort first. One drawback of having so much fabric in a dress is that sometimes they can be heavy to wear. Thus, this can cause discomfort for the wearer. A petticoat is a great option that can give you the perfect combination of both comfort and an added flair to your dress. Because the main endeavour of having a new dress is to make you feel happy on such a memorable day - if you feel good it will most certainly reflect on your face. A 50s style petticoat helps you to stay stylish and cheerful whatever the occasion.
Satisfaction and fulfilment:
You can get various colours of Petticoat from black and white, to green, pink or any other colour that suits your dress. Many online stores offer such garments, and Little Wing Factory is one of the best. A petticoat will definitely give you fullness in your dress that you are purchasing.   You can easily buy from Little Wings Factory online store that gives you hassle free service to your doorstep. It will provide you with immense satisfaction and ensure your special day is a a grand success.

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