Monday, 8 June 2015

The Importance and Significance of the Floral Tea Dress

In the United Kingdom and United States of America and many other Western countries, the tea dress is quite popular.  People like this dress as it reminds them of a time when people had a tea time, especially the occasion of afternoon tea.  The cultural properties of Britain are very rich and so the British have developed different customs related with each meal time. 
Accordingly, some dress codes have also been developed.  Now in the time of afternoon tea, some dress styles were being used in these countries for a long time.  Simple changes have been seen in the designs and materials of these dresses over the years but nothing has been drastically changed. 
Some simple changes that have been made to the tea dress style are the collar, the waistband and the length of the floral tea dress has changed. 
The length of a typical tea dress has now been increased to the knee.  About two decades ago, the length of this dress was above the knee and so the wearer was forced to expose their legs.  But dress designers have recently changed this idea and, therefore, increased the length.  Now this dress is available in two different styles too.  One style is available with a collar and the other style has a passing resemblance to a swing dress. 
The printing and designing of the dress are based on flowers a lot of the time, and thus is has earned the name the floral tea dress. The material of this dress is usually either pure cotton or it can be chiffon for the evening. The mixed materials this dress style can be made in tends to attract a number of persons. 
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