Thursday, 16 July 2015

Tweak and Take a Break from the Monotony: Go Vintage

The age of experimentation is back and everyone wants to bring something new to the party and surprise everyone with their out of the box thinking and all around coolness. It can be arranging a party, event or even just getting a few friends together even having a formal gathering -  every host now prefers to have a theme to further enhance the fun and cool quotient of the party and make it more memorable by putting together ensembles and games that go with the theme. The trend of throwing theme parties which initially was limited to celebrating of festivals such as having a monster party on Halloween or having a sweet Christmas themed one a few days before or after Christmas Day seems to have grown in popularity, with people throwing themed parties at all times of the year.

As we have seen, the occasion can be anything each as varied as the other, but the vision behind it or the motive behind putting together a theme party is simple and it all comes down to providing a difference from the mundane activities one has to partake off in daily life. One wishes to dispense with the drudgery of life and give the monotony a tweak by shaking things up once in a while. This tweaking in your daily life can be achieved by giving your boring outfit a bit of feminine and sophistication combined which can be achieved by shopping at the vintage style dresses UK store online that goes by the name of Little Wings Factory.

You can get the perfect party look inspired by the ultra-feminine styles of the roaring fifties when they wore petticoat under their skirts as a fashion to add to the existing dress shape.  To give it a modern update it is used simply to add style by having the petticoat in another colour than the dress.

Another fashion update has been on the wedding front where brides are going back and getting inspiration from the classic styles and designs and also wanting their bridesmaids to be in perfect synch with the theme. This is so that they have the most memorable wedding that is the most talked about occasion for many weeks to come, months even. At Little Wings Factory you can order vintage style bridesmaid dresses, an idea that is bound to make your wedding not only different from all the others’ but also give you special memories captured in photographs - for stylish dresses such as these are bound to leave every bridesmaid related and mean they perform their duties better.

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