Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Why Should You Choose A Vintage Audrey Hepburn Or Ophelia Dress for a Party?

Fashion has always evolved by taking inspiration from history. Fashion designers have always looked to past eras when plotting to invent new designs. Owing to this fact, vintage dresses are always able to gain significance over the current fashion when a buyer ventures out to make a wedding or party dress choice. Fifties dresses are the ones that come to mind first when preparing for a wedding or a prom party. There may be several reasons for this but, in general, the vintage dresses beats all the others available in the Department of elegance and the aura they exude when worn.

An audience will find a huge difference when you go wearing an Ophelia dress to a party and the dress will get the immediate attention that dresses are meant to do when displayed. You can really make a style statement and a unique one at that, over the contemporary fashion by choosing the vintage Audrey Hepburn style dresses or an Ophelia gown.  A classic dress choice will be your triumph card over others when you are attending a party because you will look different and more elegant from the current fashion.

A party or wedding is the opportunity that every girl looks forward to show off her fashion wardrobe, and the vintage evening dresses could be the ones that would set you apart from the crowd. The current trend is always chosen by the crowd but vintage dresses are only picked by those who want to be seen as individuals. You can be that individual and set your best foot forward donning a fifties dress and beating the competition hands down with sheer elegance.

A floral tea dress is another choice for wearing at informal parties. Earlier this dress was relegated to afternoon wear only but in time it found its way to the evening parties that tend to be informal nowadays. All varieties of these dresses can be bought from online stores and they are quite cheap too.   The dresses being vintage style and not vintage, are not as expensive as you would expect from an original dress from the 50s.  Another advantage with vintage style dresses is their floral designs that are opposite to the modern ball gowns, meaning there is a riot of choice for you when you decide to select one.  

Sporting an Ophelia or Audrey Hepburn look could make all the difference at a prom party. The vintage charm is certain to work in a crowd obsessed with contemporary jeans and leggings. Choose a fifties dress for your next party and see what reaction it gets from the audience.

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